Ballet Classes in English


Attitude Ballet Studio
Attitude Ballet Studio offers you to experience the classic ballet on a new way - a combination between studding, playing and have fun!  Our mission is to help you feeling the magic of the classic ballet - the emotion, the beauty, the joy of achieving results and being applauded on the stage.

The classic dance is the base for every type of dance. Beautiful figure, graceful movements, being rhythmic and musical, perfect coordination - a few of the skills that can be acquired while dancing ballet.  As every person is different, Attitude Ballet Studio main priority is to pay attention to its student's individuality, so to encourage their creativity and develop their personal talents.

Attitude Ballet Studio's teaching approach is to create curiosity in kids towards new knowledge and always to praise them for every little achievement. Every compliment in the class, every stage performance, every beautiful ballet costume forms the child happiness and self-confidence. We believe this is the way to create the magic of the dance in the stage and to develop the sense towards arts.

If you want to dance - you can dance! The wish is all you need!
Attitude Ballet Studio
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